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Timeekah "Murph" Murphy


Timeekah Murphy born  October 3, 1983, is an American fashion designer. Born in Newark New Jersey, raised in Bronx New York has been creating a huge name for herself in the fashion industry. Serving 12 years in the United States Army, she decided to pursue her career as a Fashion Designer. After departing the military in 2016 she began to focus on fashion. Timeekah Murphy founded her signature label in 2016 although she had no fashion training and was unknown in the world of fashion. Her brand Alani Taylor, which was established in 2016.  Her inspiration came from the birth of her daughter Alani Taylor Murphy. Timeekah brilliantly fabricates high-end fashion, performance pieces for today's fashion lovers who have a strong interest in unisex apparel.

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Since launching Alani Taylor, Timeekah Murphy has established a trademark aesthetic with an emphasis on layering and reworked proportions. The prices are very much at an aspirational, luxury level. This is justified by pointing out that the fabrics, hardware, and construction are all premium. All the apparel is made in Downtown LA. Timeekah does not design in seasons, nor does she adhere to a fashion calendar. She just releases her collections when she thinks they are ready 

Her mission is to transcend style, establish confidence and provide a vehicle for self-expression. As of late, she's diligently worked to expand her commercial enterprise model, enamor the millennial consumer and soar to higher heights. Timeekah creates extensions of her own personality, she has been designing women’s and men's couture and ready-to-wear for over 10 years. She creates work for beautiful, strong, confident women and men from all walks of life that want to make a big statement.



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